Sunday, 7 August 2011

Getting hotter

As we prepared to make our way down to the marina I knew today was going to be another scorcher, the outside temperature gauge at the villa was showing 35 degrees C in the shade and it was not yet midday! nice day for a cruise but the problem with it being so hot in the afternoon is that the heat rising from the land drags in cooler air from the sea which unfortunately for me means strong swells and big waves which makes uncomfortable cruising or just unnecessary danger. Therefore, today we have a dilemma, either anchor inside the harbour wall which is pleasant, but we still have the problem of the jelly fish, or take a long lazy lunch on land and venture out to sea when the temperature and winds drop later in the early evening.
Guess what we did? yes, correct, long lazy lunch on land today at Nautic, I really do like the bruchetta here, and the spicy pasta, oh and the sangria, in fact what is not to like here?
Later that afternoon after taking a well deserved siesta on board we ventured out to sea to feel the refreshing warm Mediterranean sea breeze and salty spray on our faces, this really does bring out a feeling of wellbeing in your soul, and sometimes you just have to stop for a moment, take in the surroundings, the blue sea, the clear blue sky and the feeling of total freedom from the shackles of everyday life back home. It just cannot get better than this.

disfruta de la vida

El Capitano

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