Friday, 6 February 2015

Hot Smoked Salmon with Linguine

Wherever possible I try to make cooking onboard as simple as I can, unless you have a superyacht it is likely you will be restricted for cooking space on a boat, so I find one pot cooking on deck with a portable gas burner is the way to go (and less washing up).
This dish is perfect example of how to produce a delightful light lunch, at anchor on the Med, using just the one pot.
As with all cooking at sea, preparation is key, it is really important that all your ingredients are prepared and are at hand ready for you to turn them into a culinary masterpiece.
Let`s start with the list of ingredients: linguine, hot smoked salmon fillet (hot smoked is nothing to do with chilli hot, it is a method of cooking where the fish is cooked by heat as well as cold smoking, giving a rich full bodied smooth flavour to the fish), desert spoonful of chopped capers, chopped chorizo, 2 beaten eggs with 100ml cream, chopped fresh dill or parsley, fresh lemon, salt and black pepper. Oh, not forgetting the compulsory dry white refreshment for the cook.
Quantities can be varied depending upon how many mouths you are feeding but this recipe will feed two comfortably.
Start by gently sautéing the chopped chorizo, when cooked remove from the pan and put to one side. Then put the large pan of water on the heat, add salt and bring to the boil. Whilst you are waiting for the water to boil get a chilled bottle of dry white out from the refrigerator and pour the crew and yourself a glass, it always helps to have a slurp or two when cooking, I find a white Rioja a perfect accompaniment to this dish with the sharpness of the Macebo grape balancing the fish and creaminess of the sauce.
Remember, cooking at sea is not just because you are hungry, but part of the whole enjoyment of your day basking in the Mediterranean sunshine on your boat.
When the water is boiling put in a good handful of linguine, about 300g dry weight and cook until al dente, usually around the 9 minute mark, then be ready to work the next stage fast.
Drain the pasta through a colander and reserve around 100ml of the cooking water, put the pasta and water back in the pan and allow to the small amount of water to boil again, turn off the heat then quickly pour onto the pasta the beaten eggs and cream, and quickly using tongs or two forks keep turning the pasta through the mixture, the latent heat will ensure the mixture is cooked and the cream addition helps to stop the eggs from scrambling, the secret here is to make sure the pasta is evenly coated in the smooth sauce. Immediately add the chorizo and capers and mix in, flake the hot smoked salmon fillet into the mix and then season with Mediterranean sea salt and a few turns of the pepper mill. Put a lid on the pan and allow the flavours to infuse for a couple of minutes whilst you chill out with your "vino blanco".
When you are ready plate up and add a good squeeze of lemon juice, then sprinkle with the fresh chopped herbs. Bon appetite, you have just created a perfect one pot dish onboard, now enjoy!!      

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