Monday, 29 April 2013

April in the Sun

We made a visit to the Marina this weekend to make preparations for the coming season, it felt good to be in the warm Mediterranean sunshine and have the opportunity to check on Wonderful World.
All appeared well with no major surprises, the ultrasonic anti fouling was giving a degree of protection to the hull and I think a good brushing will get rid of the light algae build up, not bad to say she has not been moved for a few winter months.
Under the covers we found that the winter rain had found it`s way in, but again not in a bad way, there has to be areas for ventilation and air circulation otherwise you end up with damp and mildew on the seats, so it will be a case of getting the cleaners out and plenty of clean water and she will be as good as new. We also make a habit of covering as much up as we can with towels, this is as much to keep the strong sunlight from fading the upholstery and hard plastic bits as it is to help keep this clean, this has proved to be good practise over the years in the strong Mediterranean sunlight.
Below deck was as we left her, clean and tidy, no nasty surprises or unwanted smells, it was really nice to say hello.
On the first turn of the key she fired up, which was a relief, on the berth we have a permanent supply to the inboard battery charger and bilge pumps but there is always that niggling doubt that the supply might have failed for some reason and you are left with flat batteries, so fortunately everything was ship shape.
So, onwards and time to start cleaning.

Good to be back on the Pontoon

Anti Fouling not too bad

Reasonably clean and Shipshape

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