Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It's just a perfect day

 Dael and Jacks first full day in the sunshine and boy did they hit the ground running, non stop from getting up to finally hitting the sack sometime in the early hours.
The day started with my early morning visit to the marina to check out the boat and sea condition, all appeared calm and perhaps a good chance of getting out later, having said that I personally certainly was not calm, yet again I could not connect to the WiFi to update things, the laptop was close to being thrown to the sharks! So having recomposed myself I paid a visit to Nautic for my daily double coffee and cake consumption and a relaxing daily paper read, this sets me up well for the day ahead.
I returned to base to find family and friends in the pool having fun, Jack was already comfortable in the pool with armbands and loads of protective attention from the girls, Adon was his usual playful self, jumping in, bombing and generally thoroughly enjoying himself with his little mates, El Sharona and Dael were keeping a watchful eye on the activities, all was well.
We took brunch on the rear patio, croissants with jam, danish pastries, cakes, juice and freshly ground coffee are always a great way to start the day`s healthy eating activities (did I say healthy? mmm,  I`m sure there is another descriptive here but it does not appear to be in my vocabulary when in Spain!).
After some playful time in the pool followed by some serious sun worshiping full length on the sunbed it was time to consider the afternoon.
After consulting Paula and Michael we decided it would be good for the kids to continue to play together today so with their parents consent it was going to be an afternoon on the boat, perhaps cruising or snorkelling or searching for pirates!!
Adon, Jack, Briana, Ruby and Archie, all on board, all kitted out with life jackets. A safety brief from El Capitano and we were ready to leave the berth, Adon as usual acted as bow rope man with El Sharona looking after the stern, as we left the pontoon it soon became evident that the dreaded jelly fish were still around in great numbers so snorkelling around the boat seemed out of the question today, pity really because I could have got all the crew scrubbing the waterline of the boat (many hands make light work, even if they are only small hands). First stop was to re fuel at our neighbouring marina, that done we continued on a steady cruise, looking for pirates and pirate ships.
I told the kids stories of pirates in this area, of the lost pirate ships and of the hidden treasures, all mixed in with sightings of ghosts of the sea, the objective now was to spot some of these as we cruised the area.
Guess what, one by one the kids identified objects from El Capitano`s tales, first the rescued sunken pirate ship, a real life pirate ship at anchor, perhaps the Black Pearl? I`m sure I saw pirates hiding in the rigging? then to top it all, we came across the singing ghosts of the sea, as well as seeing them, the kids could hear them singing!

rescued pirate ship


ghosts of the sea

 We spent the rest of the afternoon on the hook relaxing and sunbathing with the kids playing on inflatable toys and daring to jump off the stern for a cool off whilst dodging jelly fish, we also gave the kids rides in the tender around the marina and visiting the beach to wave to mum and dad, on one of the excursions Jack was sat with his head on the side of the tender being gently buffeted by the waves singing to himself " I`m on a pirate boat, I`m on a pirate boat"- what must have been going through his head?

As the sun began to set we made our way back to the berth, Adon again took charge of the bow ropes as we docked, he really is a good help to El Capitano.
Following a wash down of the boat we had a shower and made our way to the Marina Club bar for a refreshing beer and ice cream for the kids, this was followed with a visit to Nautic where we had another good meal as we watched the flamenco show, Jack was totally memorised with Margarita the flamenco lady, he could not take his eyes off her!
As I said earlier Dael and Jack`s first day, and what a day it was!

disfruta de la vida

El Capitano

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