Saturday, 6 August 2011

A day for the windsurfers

Today has been a typically very hot august day, me and Adon took a bike ride down to the sea front and then cycled all the way along the promenade to the marina. You don't feel the hot sun burning when you are cycling steadily with the sea breeze in your face, we visited the new marina to check out the boats and visit Oscar but he was away on holiday, ironic really that he has to take a holiday from a holiday destination. We continued our journey to our marina which in total took us 50 minutes to complete, we secured the bikes in the racks and this will now be their new home, by the time we arrived our mouths we as dry as the bottom of a budgies cage, a cold beer was in order.
El Sharona drove the car down to the marina to meet us for lunch, we tried one of the new restaurants and were not disappointed with the menu del dia which was salad, paella, chicken escalope and pork chops followed with chocolate cake, the jug of sangria was most enjoyable too.
Afterwards we spent a couple of hours on the boat, generally lazing around and dozing, there was a really strong breeze blowing off the med so we decided to stay on the mooring today, one consolation of staying on the mooring is that you have the opportunity to take a look around at the other boats and take in some different sights, I also like to sit at the end of the pontoon watching other boats come and go, due to the strong breeze there was some serious seamanship going on out there today,definitely a day for the windsurfers, they were having great fun!

disfruta de la vida

El Capitano

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