Friday, 22 July 2011

summer inspired pea and mint risotto

Wow, this is a real summer treat using fresh ingredients, sometimes the simple dishes work the best!
You know the formula now, use locally sourced goodies and keep it simple, this idea came straight from my garden as I was strolling around on a nice warm summer evening, the key ingredients of fresh peas and fresh mint were in abundance and just begging to be picked and used.
The mint I have to say is absolutely superb, I have two large containers of the stuff and right now it is at it`s peak, glorious deep green and a real strong aroma and taste, apart from using it as an ingredient for a meal it is makes the best ever mojito! confirmed by El Sharona. I should also say at this stage that the mint is a variety from Spain which has been grown successfully from a single cutting brought back to the UK by El Sharonas mother Rosa and El Tel, genius!
As I use Spanish Farella paella rice I`m not sure if this is actually a risotto or a paella? thought I should mention that.
Anyway, back to the dish, first get a glass of dry white for yourself, then sweat a finely chopped onion in olive oil, the longer the better as you need to tease out the sweetness from the onion, then add the rice making sure each grain is coated, cook this for a couple of minutes, add a glass of white wine and evaporate the alchol, important, make sure you keep a glass of wine for yourself whilst you are cooking. You now need to add chicken stock until it covers the rice, cook on a medium heat and stir occasionally until the stock is absorbed, taste the rice as you may need to add more stock, when the rice is nearly cooked add a massive amount of chopped mint along with the peas which have been cooked for a couple of minutes in the chicken stock, stir together, when the rice is cooked serve with some more chopped mint on top and some fresh grated Parmesan. I`ve not mentioned seasoning as I think this is personal preference, and some stocks can be salty depending on how you make it, but I do like a few twists of the old pepper mill on the finished dish.
So, here we go, sit down with another glass or two of a chilled white and enjoy the gastronomic experience.
Now, this was made in my home kitchen but it will be perfect for the galley on Wonderful World in the summer, the ingredients will be available and the dish is simple and perfect for the boat, sure to be on the menu at some time, can you picture it? not long now shipmates.

disfruta de la vida

El Capitano

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