Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Getting ready for summer 2011

Hello everyone, the summer season is now well and truly here and the family is getting ready to relocate to our summer residence in Spain, Daron, Laura, shipmate Adon and the gorgeous Alexia will be travelling soon, it will be the first time for the little one, so as I can speak from experience in travelling with rugrats, good luck! I`m sure they will be spending most of the day in the pool and the rest of the time just trying to chill out.Adon now has his bike parked at the marina so I know he will want to get down there and ride freely around the marina keeping an eye on things for us.
El Capitano and first mate will be joining them the following week after the important stuff in the UK has been seen to, plenty to do before we can jet off to the med!
During one of my last visits to the med we decided to purchase a new outboard for the tender, I think our existing old 2 stroke Yamaha is too heavy and cumbersome for the task it has to do and also I have a definite problem trying to start the damm thing! which annoys me no end, so, we`ve opted for a smaller and lighter new 4 stroke Honda, I`ve not actually tried it yet but it has to be an improvement and hopefully easier for shipmate Adon to operate, my plan is for him to shuttle the rest of us to and from Wonderful World if we need to go ashore ie the bar or restaurant.We`ll see how this works out!
A week or so after we get there we will be joined by Dael, Liam and Captain Jack for the summer duration, looking forward to having all the boys and girls together for some fun in the sun. Anyone else like to join us?  Bring it on!!

disfruta de la vida

El Capitano 

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