Sunday, 31 July 2011

Steady away sunday

Steady away Sunday started really well with us having a stop off in moby dick for a little light breakfast which consisted of toasted baguette with fresh tomato and olive oil, whatever the salt police say it is impossible to have fresh tomatoes without tasty sea salt so we had some and it was delicious.I had a coffee, some of the crew had a beer, although a hot day just a little too early for a beer for me.
Today we thought we would take the opportunity to get the tender inflated and ready for action, that said it was damm hot as I duly stood on the pump and pumped as if I was in Some sort of olympic style competition with myself to finish the task, rather foolish really!
Eventually, tender inflated we ready to set sail, the crew were onboard, provisions safely stowed, time to carry out some basic safety checks then we should be on our way. No, turn the ignition switch and the engine just turned over without firing, a quick glance at the instrument panel showed an empty fuel tank! What now?
Well, a few more checks revealed that the engine emergency cut out switch was in the off position! basic error on behalf of El Capitano for not checking this initially, but why was it in the off position? we quickly concluded that baby Alexia had been seen at the helm playing with the lanyard!!!!!

Finally underway and cruising, days like this are pure joy as you open the throttle and feel the power of the engine pushing the boat with ease through the blue mediterranean, smiles all around with the warm breeze and occasional sea spray in your face.

After cruising for a while we decided to make a stop for some light refreshments and tapas at our neighbouring marina. We tied up along side the visitors berth, I like this arrangement as it allows us to disembark with the little un`s safely from the bow with the minimum of fuss, all on land and it was off to find the first bar for a refreshing sangria. I have to say that the new facilities here really are first class with an abundance of modern chill out bars and restaurants, Daron and Laura wasted no time at all in taking the opportunity to get full length on one of the cool bed type loungers.
We moved on to the next bar where we stayed for a couple of hours, baby Alexia slept soundly in the shade whilst the rest of us relaxed and chatted in the sun whilst we leisurely enjoyed  more refreshments and numerous tapas dishes: olives, serrano ham, anchovies, tortilla, russian salads and the wonderful fresh bread and alioli. This is what hot August days are made for.

disfruta de la vida

El Capitano 

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