Monday, 1 August 2011

Bon voyage

Today was time for Daron, Laura and baby Alexia to return to the UK, Daron wasn't feeling too good, perhaps too much sun the previous day or too much wine on the previous evening? Speaking of the previous evening, we had a great time at restaurant Sunset Beach with our gang and Lee,Kay and Scarlett. We were seated on a front line table looking out over playa del cura bay, the bay looked beautiful with the promenade lights reflecting on the calm calm mediterranean was exceptional as was the copious amounts of cold white wine, how do we manage to have such a great time? We just love those family events.
We took Daron et al to the airport, made sure they checked in then we returned to Torrevieja,stopped off to do some shopping then decided to go for a drink and a meal, first call,bar Tango for a refreshing large gin and tonic, funny how in Spain every drink is a large one. Adon had the usual cola and decided he was hungry, well, as we were at the playa del cura again an obvious choice was Sunset Beach again. We walked along the very busy and vibrant promenade and duly took our place front line looking out to sea. Spag Bol was for me, fish for El Sharona and chicken for Adon, again the food was first class as was the full bodied dry white. Afterwards we took a steady stroll back home and finished the day off with a well deserved Soberano with ice, goodnight everyone.

disfruta de la vida

El Capitano

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