Thursday, 14 July 2011

thoughts on cooking in the sun

One of the things I find most enjoyable about being on a boat is the total freedom you have to please yourself, nobody is there to bother you, give you their advice on where to eat or what to drink, nobody there to try and drag you into their particular restaurant or tempt you with the menu del dia yet again.
Yes I like to be on my boat because I am the captain, the restaurant owner, the chef, the bar man, the DJ, and of course, the washer upper!
As you know, gastronomy plays a big part in my life, I like to think that I am from the Keith Floyd/ Jamie Oliver cooking school where good quality fresh ingredients are at hand, just a couple of pans, and a plentiful supply of wine for the dish and also for me. I like good food and I like to cook it with love.
 To cook with enthusiasm for the task in hand is an essential ingredient of creating a meal for me and my guests, I try  not to get bogged down with recipe books or measuring to the nearest gram, I just like to have some quality ingredients and enjoy putting them together as the mood, location, weather and guests dictate.
I am getting ready for lunch now, so when I`ve checked out what delights I have to cook with I`ll post the idea for you to follow, then you will have another nice simple lazy lunch idea to try when you are swaying gently on the anchor in some secluded little blue cove you`ve found.

Disfruta de la vida
el capitano

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