Thursday, 7 July 2011

Our new home - berth

Well hello, it's first mate here, I've been asked to add something to the blog so here goes.
We have been considering for a few years whether or not to purchase our own mooring, due to the high costs of renting year in year out. As we only purchased our very first boat about five years ago, we felt at that time renting was the best solution, just in case we didn't take to the boating business. As you all know by now, that did not prove to be the case and we subsequently bought our second boat two years ago; our Wonderful World. We continued to rent our mooring , but heard that prices of moorings were lowering due to the fact that the leases of the moorings were only valid until 2017, therefore the marinas were entering into unknown territory. What will happen to all the leases post 2017? With this being an unanswered question, many berth holders have been selling off their moorings to the highest bidder. Luckily we secured one, which we believe to be a 'win win' situation, as over the years we will end up paying less than if we continued to rent, and we may end up with a longer lease to boot in 2017!
Anyway, new berth purchased and Wonderful World is now nicely settled in her new home. We felt a little anxious when we arrived to see her for the first time in her new place, would we like it here? We felt comfortable in our old berth and familiar with the people and environment. Well, we needn't have worried, we arrived and unzipped the covers, put our water on and checked it all out. It felt right, just right. The views were actually better, and we can easily see the beach , as well as the harbour. We are sheltered from the breeze by the shower block on the land, which is convenient too. All in all a great move. Our entrance and exit on and off the boat is not impeded either , as we don't have any water points or electricity meters on our width, which helps.
Once we felt sorted, we decided to have a go, getting in and out. We let go of the ropes and the boat floated out of the mooring with ease, loads of room. Out we went for a short trip around and back. On returning we wondered if we would be able to park her back without any difficulty. El Capitano, slowly sailed her to our berth and put into neutral, so the boat floated past slightly before he put her into reverse. With my first mate skills, I managed to use my 'trusty hook' to grab the boat alongside of us. A couple of slight tugs on the hook, and a blast of reverse throttle, and we were home and dry. We roped her up, washed her down and stepped off to wander happily towards the marina bar for a cool refreshing reward! I love our new home!

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