Friday, 15 July 2011

zingy aubergine and courgette pasta

Here it is, I knocked this little beauty up using a few ingredients we had on board, you will need tagliatelle, courgettes, aubergine, garlic, olive oil, fresh lemon, black olives in oil, dried chilli flakes, parmigiano-reggiano, seasoning and of course a decent dry white wine.
First, pour yourself a glass of the white wine, take a slurp, relax and enjoy. Put the pasta on, whilst it is cooking you will have plenty of time to make the rest of the dish.
Cube the aubergine and fry gently in olive oil, they have an amazing capacity for soaking up oil so be generous, when they are nicely browned take them out of the pan and put em on some kitchen roll, thinly slice the courgettes and fry in olive oil, they will only need a couple of  minutes, try not to overload the pan or they will tend to steam and not fry, when they are nearly cooked add the chopped garlic, a handful of black olives and a pinch of dried chilli flakes, cook briefly then add back the aurbergine, mix together and remove from the heat.Grate lemon zest into the pan, then cut the lemon and squeeze the juice into the mix. Ok so far? you can now add the tagletelli to the pan and gently mix it all together making sure you coat the pasta, you may need to add some more olive oil at this stage to ensure the dish is not too dry, personal preference and your judgement here.
Tip this lot into a nice large serving dish for the centre of the table and let everybody dig in, personal preference again now as freshly grated cheese and seasoning need to be added.
Wow, what a dish, all in all 10 minutes for this superb fresh mediterranean inspired gastronomic delight!
Oh, very importantly, I hope that whilst you are cooking in the sun that you do not neglect the wine bottle and you manage to get a few good slurps in whilst enjoying the cooking experience!

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