Friday, 30 January 2015

Best short holiday in the World

During January we managed to get a much need weekend break in the sun. A last minute decision after a wonderful Christmas and New Year spent at home in England.
We landed in Spain at 10.30am, picked up the car and headed in glorious sunshine to our Spanish home. A quick check around the Villa and with eager anticipation of taking advantage of the good weather we gathered a few provisions and set off to the Marina.
As we approached the Marina I could see in the distance the flags lying still, just dangling on the pole, a good indication that the sea state would be calm and perfect for a cruise on the Mediterranean.
We were not disappointed, the inner harbour was as still as a mill pond, the sea was as blue as the sky with the midday sun bright and deep yellow smiling at us, welcoming us back, I am sure I heard him say " come on then, look what I`ve laid on for you, take Wonderful World out, she`s missed you El Capitano".
We jumped onboard, removed the covers everything appeared shipshape on deck. Down below, checked around, everything was in order, switched on the refrigerator to chill the vino and then proceeded to carry out the important checks, engine fluid levels, drive belts, bilges, fuel, radio operation, before starting the engine for its warming up period.
When onboard everyone has a job to do, on this occasion it was just me and the first mate, El Sharona, with the engine and drive checks complete the first mates job is to uncouple the mains to boat electric supply and stands ready to cast off the stern lines whilst I move to the bow to check the anchor locker and then cast off the bow lines.
With all the boat function checks complete we were then free to move away from the pontoon, with the first mate ready with pole in hand in case of any unforeseen mishaps (yes, we`ve had few of those when the wind has been against us!!!).
Full of nervous excitement we headed out into the harbour, it is always a great feeling getting underway to the theme from Howards Way with the heat of the sun and a gentle breeze in your face.
Once outside the harbour walls we were free, free to cruise the Mediterranean, the beautiful blue Mediterranean, and that is what we did, we took a NE heading towards Santa Pola, hugging the coastline without another boat in sight as Wonderful World purred along at a steady 15 knots into the sunshine.
So here we were, 6 hours previously we started this journey, well wrapped up on a cold English morning and we were now shorts and tee shirts cruising the Mediterranean onboard Wonderful World.

Disfruta de la Vida   



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