Friday, 8 March 2013

Gracias Marina Internacional

I have recently been informed by Marina Internacional that on the 4th March a storm hit the local area, the sudden rain downpour caused heavy seas and within a matter of minutes the sea level rose by 0.5 meter causing loose or poorly tied cleats to break free and in some cases the aft or bow to crash against the pontoon mooring.

It is reported that the Marina Marinero`s with the help of sailors at the scene acted very professionally, and swiftly to minimise damage to boats and the facilities by their positive actions.

Hopefully this will be an important reminder to all sailors that such storms do occur from time to time and how important it is to keep springs and cleats in good condition, tied correctly and securely in order to minimise any potential damage caused by storms and the effects.

I have not had any reports of damage to Wonderful World so I am hoping  that her ropes and cleats held fast and the electricity remains connected, if there has been a problem I am confident that the excellent Marinero`s have taken care of her.

As Spring time approaches we soon be will be making plans to relocate to our Spanish home for the summer and looking forward to spending time at the marina with family and friends, the bars and restaurants and the wonderful staff.

Disfruta de la vida

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