Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Marina Scene

Recently I was thinking about getting away from the cold weather here and taking a trip to somewhere warmer with blue sky and sunshine, I thought of our home in Spain and the good times we`ve spent there over the past 25 years or so, I do like our bolt hole  in the sun which when you think about it is only a matter of 6 hours from door to door to reach it, but as much as I like and enjoy our Spanish home and the swimming pool I think I get the most enjoyment when we are on Wonderful World either out cruising the Mediterranean or simply spending time on the pontoon. You see, from the moment I arrive at the marina I most definitely feel part of the intrinsic colourful marina scene and a nautical world, I could be doing something as simple as cleaning the boat or preparing for the next voyage, reading a book, cooking a meal, writing my blog or generally just chillin with a glass of wine taking it all in, whatever I am doing I immediately relax into these beautiful surroundings. 
One thing I have noticed about being on the boat in the marina is that there are always tourists or marina visitors looking at the boats with great admiration, for years I was that person who dreamt of owning a boat and cruising the Mediterranean, so I know very well some of the thoughts visitors have.
Visitors to the marina will always be outsiders looking in until the day they step onboard a boat and then the whole emphasis changes, you certainly have a different perspective on your surroundings when you are onboard, and I like that feeling of belonging to a community of like minded people who get their enjoyment from boats and being on the sea. I suppose it`s a little bit like the sitcom programme "Cheers", "where everybody knows your name".
So, I will continue to think of blue skies and sunshine and look forward to the next visit to the marina.

Disfruta de la Vida

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