Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lobster and Broad Bean Paella

After a nice day out on the Med and you are resting at anchor it soon becomes time for a bottle of dry white and a spot of lunch, checked out the galley refrigerator and came up with this simple but luxurious one pot dish.
You will need, onion, stock, Paella rice, fresh lemon, frozen or tinned broad beans and one cooked lobster. Oh don`t forget wine for the dish and wine for the chef!
Start by pouring yourself a glass of chilled white as you start to assemble the ingredients. Essential for when out on the boat for the day.
Fire up the gas cooker and get the pan on the heat, add a chopped onion and slowly sweat in olive oil for 10 minutes, add a couple of handfuls of Paella rice and stir to get the grains coated, then pour in a glass of white wine and a glass for yourself.
Let this bubble away until the wine has almost all been absorbed by the rice, then add enough stock to cover the rice and give it a quick stir, leave this now on a low simmer.
Whilst the rice is cooking take the broad beans and slip them out of their tough little jackets ready to add near to the end of cooking, take the cooked lobster and cut the tail straight down it`s back and remove the meat, have fun cracking the claws and see if you can free the meat in one piece, can be tricky but try!
Keep a check on the rice, you will probably find you have to add more stock as you go along, check for seasoning but try not to add salt until you taste the rice near the end of cooking, some stock products already have enough salt.
The rice will need about 20 minutes to cook, at about 15 minutes add the lovely little bright green broad beans and the lobster meat, at this stage you will have a a thick soupy consistency with enough liquid to warm through the beans and lobster, keep tasting to make sure the rice is cooked.
When you think the dish is ready, grate some lemon rind into the pan and a squeeze of fresh lemon along with seasoning if required, freshly milled black pepper is my choice.
It is highly recommended at this stage for you to re-charge your glass and take in the beautiful blue surroundings before serving this luxurious one pot Mediterranean boat lunch.

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