Wednesday, 3 October 2012

An October Cruise

On a hot October afternoon with a clear blue sky and calm sea we set off for a cruise on the Med, I knew it was going to be a pleasant day as we reached the harbour walls and the sea state was much the same as within, the sea was quiet, calm and not another boat in sight as we left the harbour and headed north east towards the Isle de Tarbarca, some 20 nautical miles.
Wonderful World was soon planing at 30 knots at 3500 rpm as we she responds very well to a push of the throttle and unleashes the power, we had the sun directly in our faces as we enjoyed the freedom of the open sea.
I particularly enjoy this direction as you can head out past some of the environmentally friendly fish farms which lie approximately 5 miles off the coast and quite often it is possible to find dolphins around these areas which are very happy to swim and play around the boat as we cruise by, I have often thought how good it would be to stop for a while and see if they would hang around and play for a while or even take you for a spin on the fin, but not brave enough for trying it yet! I`m sure at some time in the future I will be writing about swimming with dolphins.  

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