Friday, 10 August 2012

Sun, sand and a windy day

Got out of bed today to find the wind blowing strongly on the coast, so, no boat today. We decided, it`s not much fun being blown in all directions when you are trying to relax, it just feels like you are constantly fighting the wind direction and bobbing about like a cork.
We thought it a much better option to have a brunch on the seafront and spend the rest of the day on the beach, we decided on La Mata as the beach is long and clean with the opportunity to get in the sea and fight the Grandinos! we were right, after a most enjoyable meal looking out to sea we eventually made camp near the waters edge and enjoyed several hours of sunbathing with fantastic wave jumping episodes, both Adon and Jack really got into the idea of waiting for the Grandinos and body surfing, when they were`nt in the sea they had great fun digging and playing on the beach. The beach idea did not disappoint.

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