Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A day on the boat

The time is 10.30 pm and we are still on the boat, we have given Wonderful World a really good clean, she now looks pristine and gleaming like new.
We really ought to be making tracks now either back to the villa or to a restaurant but the night is warm with a lovely soft breeze blowing onto the stern, I think we will stay here a little while longer whilst I finish this post.
Actually we are lucky to be sat here at all, you see we had been out on the boat all day generally lazing about, enjoying a nice rice salad for lunch washed down with the compulsory Cava, we had a siesta, read for a while and me and Adon spent some time in the sea practicing our diving down to the anchor routine. At around 7,30 ish we decided to head back to the pontoon and do some cleaning, problem! almost flat battery and the engine would not turn over, so switch onto battery 2 but this was completely flat, we now had a problem, fortunately we have on board a portable battery pack which I purchased primarily for the built in inverter to power things like tv, computer and low power items, I hooked up the battery pack expecting this also to be flat as this has not been charged for over a year! Bingo, started the engine. thank you very much Halfords, to say I was  relieved is an understatement, I had visions of having to be towed back in or spending the night at sea with no battery power.
Anyway, all ended well today so I suppose we ought to go home for a refreshing gin o`clock and something to eat, after all it it is now 11.00pm.

Disfruta de la vida


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