Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tapas Crawl 2011

Had a day off from the boat and decided to take a stroll along the promenade and call for lunch along the way, as usual things do not always turn out as planned as the first place we stopped off at served a tapas of bocarones and a Russian salad with the wine, this was going to be the format for the rest of the day, no restaurants, only tapas bars to be visited! Oh and a new rule, whatever tapas are served you have to sample everything!!
started early afternoon in the sun
got to be the best tortilla ever from an original old tapas bar in town
anyone fancy a mouthful of baby eels?
good combination of goats cheese and blackberrys
a rather excellent baby pepper stuffed with rice and crab, well, thats what she said it was
a nice double of fried whole pepper with serano ham and a tortilla and meat sandwich
not quick enough here, it was a delightful curried chicken idea
you just know its going to end soon when you end up in a rock bar and they serve you blue gin and tonic in a pint glass! 

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