Sunday, 27 March 2011

Well, travelled all the way to the NEC to look at some new boats and to stock up on essential boat items or in reality nautical goodies that are probably not essential but make life a little easier when on board, the idea being that we could take any big or heavy items in the car when we drive down to the med at easter.
We discovered that the show was not really for boats, I think the boat section must have been added to the caravan show as an after thought when the organisers found out they had some space left to fill, perhaps i`m being a little harsh here but I really did expect to see a lot more than half a dozen small boats and a few chandelery bits, if you want caravans or motorhomes then you should come here, it`s excellent in that respect. Needless to say there was very little to tempt me, all we managed to secure was a new set of plates and dishes that match the colour of Wonderful World! Nevermind, the search goes on, next on the agenda is the nearest boat jumble!!!    

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